ERP System

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

Having the right ERP system and most importantly the right professional support available to you at any time, allows you to stay focused on your business. EDUSOFT's ERP system is an industry leading, state-of the art ERP solution for small, mid-sized and large companies. The application was designed to allow your company to focus on its business objectives rather than managing data. EDUSOFT's ERP system is a robust, user friendly application, envisioned and developed by leading industry experts with over 20 years of professional experience.

EDUSOFT's ERP system is comprised of following modules:

Accounting & Finance

"Delivering effective financial management is more important than ever before!"

Today’s finance professionals need to do more, with less: facing greater demands but with less time and fewer resources. It is essential to put reliable solutions in place to drive efficiency and performance – not only in the finance department but throughout the organization. With this support, you and your colleagues can maintain effective financial control and ensure that key business decisions can be based on reliable, up-to-date information.

EDUSOFT's accounting module is best-of-class accouting software designed to integrate with your industry- and company-specific applications. Our solution provides real-time financial visibility and control across people, processes and systems.

Our Accounting & Finance application is a mature software product, developed for more than a decade, sophisticated and enhanced each day according to user needs in order to automate their everyday work as much as possible.


  • Can be used in small businesses, but also in larger companies with a more complex hierarchical structure
  • Can operate in singleuser or multi-user environments (at one or more computers in a network)
  • Designed using leading development technology
  • Simple to use
  • Highly flexible and stable
  • Simple for training and user friendly
  • Simple integration with other applications
  • Available in a package with installation and training for end users
  • Simple integration with other modules


EDUSOFT's Budgeting Module allows financial executives to easily transition away from error-prone, disparate spreadsheets to an automated system that provides comprehensive budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and reporting tools. Small, medium and large businesses looking to move forward to a more flexible, secure, collaborative system can turn to our budgeting application for an intuitive out-of-the-box solution which is ideal for a host of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, wholesale/distribution, retail, business services and nonprofits.

Our budgeting application provides a centralized, secure database so that any changes or additions to a company's data are updated automatically. Its powerful calculation engine ensures that all calculations are not only mathematically correct but follow sound accounting principles. This means that data is 100% accurate. With EDUSOFT's budgeting app wizards, prompts and menus, you simply enter the data and the system does the work for you, eliminating the need to create and maintain complex formulas, macros and links. All your changes are automatically updated throughout your plan.

Our budgeting application's "financial intelligence" builds the Balance Sheet automatically off the P&L activities and then Cash Flow Statements are built automatically off the Balance Sheet. It's all perfectly synchronized. In addition, it comes with pre-built reports including presentation-style reports that can be adjusted and customized for a variety of data. These can be exported to Excel for further customization.

EDUSOFT's Budgeting Module reduces errors, saves time and sets up in minutes. It's been designed for SMBs with limited IT resources and can be used right out of the box as an on-premise or hosted solution. We really think it's a great option for those transitioning to a more automated budgeting and forecasting solution.


Simplify managing your cash

EDUSOFT's Cashbook Module provides simple ways to keep track of your money and improve financial control. Record the cash deposits you pay into the bank in a simple, no nonsense way.


  • Keep up to date with everything you’ve got to pay for. We make it quick and easy to record all the money entering and leaving your business; it’s one way we help you get on running your business.
  • Easily enter and manage cashbook transactions: quickly create income transactions and record all of your business expense transactions in one place. You can easily edit transactions as and when required and view a snapshot of each bank account using the totals report.
  • Manage your banking and cash easily: view all activity through your bank accounts by recording cash deposits and transactions in and out of your account. You can add multiple bank accounts, record transfers between accounts and document owner drawings (money withdrawn from the business by the owner) and owner investments.
  • Keep on top of cash flow: quickly produce customer and supplier statements for any of your contacts to show outstanding payments. And you can send these on to your customers and suppliers for payment.
  • Create sales and expense types to suit your business: Sage One comes with a number of pre-fixed sales and expense types but you can add additional categories that are bespoke to your business needs.
  • Simple integration with other modules

Warehouse Management

EDUSOFT's Warehouse Management Module translates potential into productivity by applying proven technology to the future of your business. Our Warehouse application enhances performance by supplying companies with technology to improve overall warehouse efficiency and streamline services. This innovative software simplifies inventory processing through automation, ensuring integrated operations at all levels of warehouse management. We enable companies to cut costs while providing added value for customers with real-time enterprise integration. Our Warehouse Management Software optimizes your business by putting productivity first.


  • Record of purchases
  • Record of deliveries
  • Monitoring of used materials
  • Report generation module
  • Simple integration with other modules

Fixed Assets

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can take your fixed asset accounting, depreciation, management and reporting tasks from overly complicated to absolutely clear. The intuitive interface of EDUSOFT's Fixed Assets software allows you to view the details of how an asset’s current depreciation is calculated.


  • Record of fixed assets
  • Calculation of amortization and revaluation
  • Automatic creation of accounting journal entries
  • Report generation module
  • Simple integration with other modules

Human Resources Management

EDUSOFT's Human Resources software streamlines the HR processes of the business, making it easier for the managers to take care of their HR needs. Using the software programs also allows the manager to save time and energy by making all of the tasks easy and simple to understand. Record accuracy is improved when using the software programs and the programs are generally designed to recognize obvious errors in the entered data before they are saved into the system.


  • Keeping of employee data, including their personal, education and health data, as well as professional experience etc.
  • Report generation module
  • Simple integration with other modules


In today’s world of competitive market and high compliance driven demand it is eminent to have a comprehensive solution for employee payroll and hence a need for intelligent payroll software. Our Payroll software solution fits best in the corporate world to do justice to HR’s needs since it is intelligent enough to discharge its duty with 100% compliance with all government laws.


  • Record of monthly parameters for salary calculation
  • Record of employee individual parameters needed for salary calculation
  • Record of credits per employee
  • Salary calculation and automatic creation of journal entries
  • Report generator supporting different types of reports, payrolls, М4 patterns, patterns for income administration etc
  • Simple integration with other modules