Laboratory Information Management System

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a complex, full-featured information system, used in the process of laboratory analysis of samples brought to laboratory for:

  • Regular tests
  • Identifying the causes for a certain clinical disease
  • Exterminating the diseased animals
  • Various research

LIMS is used to record the complete movement of the samples brought for testing in various laboratories, as well as all storing all the applied methods and diseases for which the sample has been tested.

LIMS features

  • Standard protocols for collecting and forwarding the samples for laboratory testing
  • Customization of standard data used to describe the samples that are brought for laboratory testing
  • Simple registration and managament of all results from the performed laboratory analysis of the samples
  • Exchange of required information between the laboratories, departments and veterinary inspectors
  • A full automation of the process of invoicing for the performed services and laboratory analysis, which provides a complete financial status of the laboratories at any given time
  • Calculation of the time spent for laboratory analysis on each sample, from the moment of admission until handing over the final results of the tests

LIMS is available in both web and windows based version.